Three Great Places to Visit in New York


Visiting New York is a great idea any time of year but what many people fail to realize, is that there’s more to see in the state than the city. Sure you could visit Time’s Square or scale the Statue of Liberty, but there is actually plenty to do in the state that does not involve visiting the big city. Let’s take a look at four places to visit outside of the city that are just as fun, if not more so.

Bannerman Castle

When you think of New York or even America, castles aren’t exactly what comes to mind, but there are actually a few over here. Bannerman Castle is just one great example and it was built by the Bannerman family in 1901. The original purpose of the castle was offsite storage for ammunition for the Bannerman company. The castle stood intact for many years until the fire in 1962:

“No one can tell what associations and incidents will involve the island in the future. Time, the elements, and maybe even the goblins of the island will take their toll of some of the turrets and towers, and perhaps eventually the castle itself, but the little island will always have its place in history and in legend and will be forever a jewel in its Hudson Highland setting.”

Today the little island is still a great place to visit and something you will definitely want to consider the next time you are traveling through the great state of New York.

White Mountain Summit Trail

If you’re looking for something that’s way off the beaten path, the White Mountain Summit Trail does a great job of taking you from the Wilmington Trailhead, all the way to the summit of Whiteface. It’s a great hiking trail that only spans 1.3 miles, so you can easily do it in less than a day. One thing to note however is that the trail is not officially maintained and may be muddy when you’re walking the trail during the summer. No matter what, however, you’re going to have some awesome scenery and it’s bound to be a great time. Just remember that there are going to be a lot of people visiting the area, and you’re going to have to share it with them. Other than that, it’s an absolute pleasure.

Ausable Chasm Bridge

Some people call this the ‘Grand Canyon of the East’, though it’s nowhere near that scale. Still, the canyon beneath the bridge is great for inner tubing, kayaking, or whatever else you can think of. If you’re not into extreme sports however, the chasm is outstanding for photo opportunities.

These are just three places to visit outside of the city, and if you do some exploring you’re sure to find a few more. Don’t forget to do a quick online search and see what you can get into across this great state on your next vacation.

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