Remember to Stay Hydrated on Your Beach Vacation


Remember to Stay Hydrated on Your Beach Vacation

North America has plenty of beach vacation spots for your family to enjoy this spring and summer. But, you should always remember to prepare before heading to the shore. It gets hot at the beach, and it’s very important to stay hydrated in the spring and summer seasons, as well as all year round.

Staying hydrated is not about just drinking lots of water, even though H20 plays the most roles in our bodies (such as transporting nutrients and reducing body temperature). It involves what we eat as well. According to, the amount of fruits and vegetables we eat are also important in keeping our bodies hydrated. I know that when it’s hot outside some of us “forget” to eat, but try to eat a big breakfast. That way as the middle of the day approaches and the heat kind of cuts your appetite, you will be sure that you got a solid foundation of food that morning. Then, you can just have a light lunch if you choose to.

This is sad to say, but according to between 400 – 500 children under the age of 5 in the United States die from dehydration every year. Still, when we are having fun at the beach, sometimes we just don’t pay close enough attention to our intake of the foods and drinks that we consume. Soda, for example, is not a good drink to keep yourself or the kids hydrated. Get Gatorade instead.

There are signs that your body will give you if you become dehydrated. If you stop sweating, get dry eyes, feel tired, lightheaded, or get muscle cramps, it may be a sign that you should stop what you’re doing, sit down and slowly drink and eat. After you get some food in you and relax in the shade for a while, you’ll gradually begin to feel like yourself again.


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