Never Pay Up Front for Help Selling Your Vacation Property


Never Pay Up Front for Help Selling Your Vacation Property


Timeshare owners should be more suspicious whenever someone asks for an up-front fee to help them sell their vacation property. Getting you to send them your money is the main thing on scheming telemarketers’ minds when they are reading you their rehearsed script. Sometimes they will talk an owner into sending them $500, sometimes $1000, sometimes even more. Don’t fall for it! If the transaction was a legit one the money would have been taken out after the fact (or it would’ve been subtracted from the total price of the sale).

Speaking of wiring money to a stranger, it is very hard for law enforcement to get your cash back in your possession after you send it to one of these fraudulent companies. You’d think that people would be much more cautious about shooting funds to a stranger, but you’d be surprised at how many property owners are so tired of being in the timeshare trap that they will almost unthinkingly send thousands of dollars to anyone that seems like they could help them to get out of it. Big mistake!

   The big question is how can these vacation property owners get out of their timeshare contract without being caught up in a scam? One of these things is simply doing research on a company or agent. Checking their status via the Better Business Bureau is a good idea before moving forward with them. Also, you should check with your State government (or whichever State they claim to be located in) to be sure that they are a legitimate business. Most of the time, they are not. These timeshare owners should also check with their resorts to see if they have any kinds of programs to help them resell their timeshare instead of getting overzealous and frantically sending money to an illegal company.



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