Fun for Couples in Myrtle Beach



Fun for Couples in Myrtle Beach

Go horseback riding, chill on the sand, and/or enjoy a nice dinner in beautiful Myrtle Beach with your main squeeze. There are many things for couples to do here for a good time, but here are some of my favorites.

Horseback Riding

What’s more romantic than a horseback riding date? Wampee Stables is in North Myrtle Beach, and has riding lessons as well as trail rides. They have 35 great horses for those couples who are seasoned or new to riding them on a quiet farm (for directions, click the link above…takes only 20 minutes to get there). The trails there are the best, the stables are clean and safe, and you get free pictures. This is definitely a must-do activity for the two of you here on the Grand Strand.

Enjoy the Ocean

Sometimes couples come to the beach simply for quiet time away from everyone else. Taking walks on the ocean with your significant other is always a wonderful experience here on Myrtle Beach. The best time to do it in my opinion is at night. Warm evenings here make for the best personal time for couples. Gaze at the ocean, share your thoughts, and enjoy the beautiful view of the horizon from the sand.

Enjoy a Romantic Dinner

The Myrtle Beach Restaurant News had an article entitled “Top Ten Romantic Restaurants”. The first one on the list is Aspen Grill, and it is a place where you can get a discount at when you use your VMB Card from the Vacation Myrtle Beach Resort where you are staying. Aspen Grill is located at 5101 North Kings Highway, and has a sophisticated but still simple menu from Chef Curry Martin that you and your date will surely enjoy. The atmosphere is classy and relaxing, just how couples who want an elegant dining experience like it.



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