Beautiful Places in Dubai


Dubai is one of the seven cities in the United Arab Emirates and is one of the most beautiful places present on the Earth. The beauty is evident in the architecture of the magnificent buildings built with the most innovative technologies.  There are many gorgeous places to visit and just as many wonderful buildings to see in Dubai.


Jumeirah Mosque, one of the largest mosques in Dubai, is located in the beautiful coastal area of Dubai. It was built in 1978. The mosque has a beautiful traditional design pattern which is known as Fatimid Heritage. Many people visit the mosque daily including both Muslims and Non-Muslims. The tour is organized by the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. It is the only mosque in city which is open to Non-Muslims.

Another popular site of the coastal area is the Jumeirah Beach. It is a fantastic place to visit and the beach has many hotels and parks for guests to enjoy. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is an opulent resort for the tourists. It is a perfect place for the families to spend their spare time. The winds in Dubai give one a feeling of pleasure and contentment. One could easily relax and have fun here.  

Outside Jumeirah Beach lays the world’s second biggest hotel, which is known as Burj ul Arab. This is a 7 Star, sail-shaped hotel. In which you could find excellent prices to stay at this gorgeous hotel at It is built on an artificial island. Al Muntaha and Al Mahara are among the prominent restaurants located inside the building. The construction of this hotel was among some of the most expensive building projects in the world. The interior of the hotel is a testament to the imagination of the designer and is one of the most beautiful places in Dubai.

Another fascinating structure in Dubai is the Deira Clock Tower. It is a roundabout located in Eastern side of Dubai. It has become the most famous monument in Deira. It is located in the area of Al Maktoum Bridge.

In addition to all of these wonderful sites, there are now many hotels available in Dubai, such as the Al Maha Desert Resort, the Burj Al Arab Dubai Hotel, and the Jumeirah Beach Dubai Hotel, which have solved the one-time problem of a lodging shortage. Finding a room in Dubai is now a very easy task.

The Emirates Towers are some of the more innovative, modern and dynamic buildings in Dubai. They add to the beauty and elegance of Dubai. They are a place for recreation as well. Though the Towers are basically classified as a business hotel, their unique glamour and flamboyance attract people of all types and classes from all over the world.



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